Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm painting ...

and, Holy Dinah, does it feel good.  Pictures to come :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Working hard, but also hardly working

Home sick today (and yesterday), but feeling really, really productive this evening for some odd reason.  Must be the 30+ hours of sleep in the last two days.  

Among other tasks, I went through every single piece of unfiled paper in my whole house. Brought on by a mad rush search for some missing T3 tax forms (that's a whole other blog topic), I sorted, filed and shredded two recycling bags full of paper.  That says much more about my lack of organization in the past year (or more) than it does about how much paper comes into my house.  

The shredding must have gotten my blood pumping.  I'm an organizing dynamo at the moment. I love that feeling.  I have made many, MANY promises to myself about keeping the momentum going and keeping better track of papers (especially if they have a "T" something on the top and come from a financial institution).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Hating This

Ruby's sister came for an overnight visit.  Izzy and Ruby are best buddies and sisters - you gotta have a sister to know what that's all about.  There are fights.  There is wrestling.  There is pure love.

When Izzy comes to visit, I like to report back to Cindy (Izzy's 'person') about all of the adventures.  When I describe them both curled up on my lap, she inevitably says "I bet you weren't hating that".

I'm definately not hating this.

ps - Don't make fun.  It is hard to get a good picture of yourself and two 5.75 month old puppies. Not alot of holding still.


Today, my baby sister is off to Africa for several months.  She has arranged to work with two different orphanages and has also set aside some time to experience whatever this continent has to show her.

I am, at once, thrilled and terrified.  I keep having images from when Carter and Kovac (ER) were on medical missions.  Perhaps I should re-watch "Out of Africa" to have a sweeter image in my head.  

Penny has dreamed of (and planned for, and fundraised for) this day for years.  We all feel compelled to do certain things.  Africa is her compulsion.  That continent won't know what hit it.

She has arranged to keep in touch via blog.  If you are interested in her travels, check out  You won't be disappointed, I'm sure.

Signing off with a proud and anxious heart, 

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ahhh .... Mexico ....

Sun on my skin.  
Napping with the sand between my toes.
Reading three books.
Sleeping in.
Going to bed early.
Pure, pure loveliness.

And it is snowing here.  Bummer.

We had a great time (it IS Mexico, after all) and I loved seeing the ruins in Chichen Itza.  We swam in a cenote (sink hole), too.  But truly, it was all about the beach.

Other news:
- my dear friend, Kyla, had twin babies on Sunday.  Joey and Isobel.  Auntie Karen is proud and relieved that they are here safe and sound.
- I missed Ruby like CRAZY!  Luckily I was with another crazy dog person, so we could share our moments of puppy separation anxiety.  Cindy recorded all events, both important and trivial and took tonnes of pictures.  Love her.
- my forehead is peeling.  Another bummer.

Back to work ... only 3 months until summer :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mexico Toes

I took this picture three years ago and my toes are excited to experience this same water again as of Sunday!  

The white-white sand and blue-blue water - like God went crazy with the Photoshop.  Amazing.

Suitcase is packed.  Blog is updated.  Time to go!

Easter love to all,

Tulips and other Easter related thoughts

I love Easter.
I started feeling ripped off that it would be incorporated into Spring Break this year about a good 16 months ago.  
I love the 4 day weekend that appears out of nowhere.  
I love that my sisters usually come up from Vancouver.
Let's face it, I love the turkey dinner.

When we were little, we would get up early on Easter Sunday and go a the sunrise service in an orchard overlooking a valley.  The family who owns the orchard then opens their tiny house to the whole crowd and we have hot cross buns and hot chocolate and feel the excitement of spring and new beginnings together.  

This Easter I'll be on a Mexican beach trying not to burn for my first day in the sun.  Not a bad trade, perhaps, but I'll miss the regular stuff.  I'm a regular stuff kind of gal.  I like routines and traditions and, well, turkey dinner.  

I'll have to sing a little "Morning Has Broken" to the Mexican sun.  It might be a wee bit after sunrise, but I think the thought still counts.

Happy Easter to All.  May the hope of new beginnings grace your day.